Grammar snobs are revolting

Although the image above is a bit of fun, I hesitated to post it. You see, I came across it amongst the backlash to Mona Chalabi’s video “Grammar Snobs are Patronising, Pretentious and Just Plain Wrong” which we featured on the site a while ago.

Yes the snobs are revolting, posting images like the one above, ranting on Internet comments forums and editing in their responses to the original video.

Why do people like the proudly Canadian Confused Canuck and his peers (southern-sounding SpOOky Skeletonman, we’re looking at you) get so defensive and even aggressive about making language inflexible?

Cook, Crystal, Graddol, Harmer, Long, Pinker, Scrivener, Thornbury, Widdowson and pretty much every other language expert, agree that language is dynamic and language change inevitable. If the Internet is mobilising (immobilising?) people who want to preserve the English language, as they perceive it to be, maybe they should also understand that the Internet is the driving force for the mass publication of more diverse forms of English than ever before. In other words, Caucasian male conservationists, your toy is broken.