Duolingo log: final?


Well. It’s been fun Duolingo, but maybe that’s all it was… fun. I mean, we had some really good times but there was always just, something missing. Maybe from me, I didnt work hard enough, maybe from you too, but certainly from us. I want to thank you for always being there, for telling me about how I can now let people know that my blue ants sing the dishes or whatever random stuff you second guessed that I would like to express.
It’s really not the way you look, I like the way you look. Maybe it’s that I can’t handle your popularity?
Maybe it was that I trusted you and that time when I went to order my first steak sandwich in Portuguese and got served a tuna pizza?
Ultimately, what I think is that I resented was the fact that you kept me in isolation. Were you jealous? I was jealous. I’ve been playing the field a bit and I think you’re inspirational, but we may have been better off in a threesome with someone I can actually talk to.
Maybe I’ll drop in when things have settled down a little.
See you around.