App Preview: Lingtwins


For all the stuff said about Duolingo on this site, you may get the impression that I am averse to online learning.
I’m not but there is a lot to be questioned about language labs and many of these online apps seem to replicate systems that have barely developed since the earliest prototypes of the 60s.
The main argument is that there is no human element, which is quite a big deal, as it goes.
Lingtwins seems to address that by hybridising apps like Duolingo with Mixer, the Skype language exchange.
I have not yet signed up to Lingtwins and am waiting for the Android version due for release in June but this seems like an eminently sensible idea.
When you see the understated sales pitch

Lingtwins lets you
Complement formal lessons
Maintain language skills
Start a new language
Make friends

Something just seems right about the idea. A full review will follow in June…

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