Duolingo log: week 12


This week I have been talking to fellow Duolingo users to compare notes on the long and lonely journey of app based e-learning.
This first conversation was with a polyglot who, at 19, puts me to shame as she speaks five languages to a high standard. Her reflections on using Duolingo for a few languages were not positive and she felt that there was too little stylistic freedom and insufficient grammatical rules provided within the system.
However, the second person that I spoke to, an IELTS tutor, was a lot more positive. He is currently at 47% fluency in French and, although he expressed doubts that he is genuinely that fluent, he felt that it has augmented his prior learning from spending a year in France. I mentioned the lack of rules and he pointed out that there are a number of rules, perhaps too many, but on the desktop version.
So today’s log was going to be a massive apology for whinging about how unstructured my learning had been on Duolingo. I was going to say that I had accessed my account on the PC version, found some meaty grammar and felt utterly churlish.
But I don’t.
I saw some conjugation tables and the like for words that I had already encountered, but little more than that. Okay it’s better than nothing, but the adult learner in me is crying out for more guidance. Maybe what I’m looking for is an app that learns for me?

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