Language and personal development triumph for kids with EAL


Today the Telegraph ran this story on Children with EAL achieving better results in school than those on free school meals. Maybe I’m just sensitive, but I am sensing an imminent UKIP backlash. “We’re pouring all of our money and resources into immigrants when good honest hard-working British children are being failed…” you know, the usual xenophobic drivel. Anyway, they shouldn’t be working, it’s illegal.
The Telegraph seems to quickly flit away from the subject, preferring to politicise the situation and represent objections to academies. Nowhere, *nowhere* does it give praise to the incredible achievements of these children, the good work of organisations like NALDIC and parents and teachers who are helping these kids to do so well.
So here it goes. Well done. For overcoming immense barriers. For supporting people who hoped to have a better chance in the UK and are making it happen. For improving the UK in a very positive way.