Dydd Dewi Sant hapus: Welsh in English


For St. David’s day, this blog will examine all things Welsh and it ain’t pretty…
First off, the Cymru not Wales movement, which is petitioning for the Welsh name Cymru to replace the name Wales, on account of the latter being a derivative of germanic words referring to foreigners, for example ‘walh’ or ‘wælisc’ (but not slaves as suggested by Melvyn Bragg).

Then there’s the derogatory use of Welsh as in substandard, for example Welsh rarebit; derived from Welsh rabbit and meaning cheese on toast. Also Welch, as in to fail to honour an agreement, is a derivative of Welsh and is very much in common parlance according to the Stack Exchange blog for English language and usage.
All of this stands to leave us with the most positive link to Wales being the Welsh onion which, is turns out, is neither Welsh as it is native to China, nor is it a leek. The national symbol of Wales.