Duolingo log: week 3


Whereas the last log was an outpouring of guilt about being a slacker, this week I have battled against all odds to improve my Portuguese.
The strife that I encountered could almost be blamed on Duolingo.  Almost.
You see I was aware that my fabulous phablet had some minor microphone issues and I imagined that I would need it to practice pronunciation on Duolingo. Never mind that people calling me couldn’t hear a word I was saying, I needed my microphone in working order for this project. I took my phone in to get it repaired as it was still in warranty. I denied that there could possibly be water damage (it was lager) and left it with the company. A long story short, I was royally rumbled and now have a very old phone, hence the poor version of the lead image for this part if the blog.
On top of this, the app has begun to make me construct some very decontextualised stuff in some of the drills. When will I ever need to make the utterance ‘The butterflies write books’? I don’t even… but maybe the app is working on some kind of bastardisation of generative grammar and it’s much cleverer that I had realised.
However, none of this dissuaded me from persuing my e-Portuguese lessons and I am allegedly 13% fluent and equipped with the necessary vocabulary to eat some chicken with salt and pepper. This is truly fantastic motivation.
The app still hasn’t required the use of a microphone.