The PIE influences of Far Cry Primal


I couldn’t resist posting this as it combines three of my favourite things: video games by Ubisoft, linguistics and pretending to be cool by going on about Vice Media.
Another common feature between these three things is how much they have developed from thier humble beginnings. Vice from misogynistic cofounder ‘Real Man’ Gavin McInnes, video games from ‘Horace Goes Skiing’ and many languages from Proto-Indo-European (PIE) roots.
This article by Vice’s Mike Diver details the work of Professor Andrew Byrd of the University of Kentucky in the reconstruction and development of the primitive languages featured in Ubisoft’s new release Far Cry Primal.
We all know that Tolkein and Roddenberry created languages to enhance thier fantasy worlds (thanks Tolkeinists and Trekkies, keep it real) but it is interesting to see that for Ubisoft’s latest offering, the languages were revived from early proto-indo-european tongues.