Who needs to learn a second language anyway?


According to serial author and long time second language learning proponent Delfín Carbonell Basset, nobody. I must say, the post ‘Why You Should Not Learn a Foreign Language‘ is rather confusing. At first, it seems obvious that Basset is making a disingenuous U-turn to relate his point in a passive aggressive manner, but the post is deliberately left open-ended and some of the arguments for not learning a second language stand.
On the contrary, we are all aware of the positive effects of learning a second language on our first language, our decision makingour perception and possibly most important to the readers of Viva Fifty, where Basset’s post first appeared, the effects of ageing.
I’m sure it’s intended to be a provokation piece but the points raised are almost too convincing to be as transparent at Basset might (or might not) have intended.