App apropos accent


Just how much have Englsh accents changed in the last 50 years? Linguists from Cambridge, Bern and Zurich universities teamed up to develop an app that compares the way that various regions of England have retained their local accent. ‘English Dialects’ also aims to pinpoint your regional accent based on your responses to 26 phonological and dialectical questions, as well as to gather more current data on regional differences in accent and dialect.
The app by Adrian Leerman has its limitations. Due to the comparisons to studies which took place in England over 50 years ago, it completely failed to identify my north Cardiff accent, suggesting that I was from Little Bently, Outwell or Stoke, all in the East of England and places I have never visited (or heard of in the case of the first two).
Anyway, the app is a fun way to contribute to further data collection on changes in the English accent, it just a shame that it’s limited to older data that is exclusively from England. Particularly as recent studies indicate that it is that Glaswegian accent that has changed the least in the last 100 years.