Censors and Warriors


Each January, linguists at Lake Superior State University release a list of words that they hate. Although this uppish lark is in it’s 41st cycle, it seems that this year’s list has piqued the imagination of the internetterati.  To cover ground as quickly as possible, take a look at this Vine video thingy from AOL to see some of the offending words.
The problem is that language is dynamic, rich, broad and capricious, and that is what fascinates linguists. Why would we try to stifle all of these these qualities, simply because our own personal tastes?
Fortunately, Wayne State University have made efforts to celebrate the diversity of the English language with their Word Warriors list. This list attempts to reintroduce words that have fallen from favour or common use. A much more egalitarian way to treat language and certainly more in line with the dynamism of AmE.