Emoji will not hurt you, your language or your culture


Today the Internet rippled with prophecies of doom for the English language. Today, the OED awarded an emoji as the word of the year.
Well, that’s it! From here on in, we will only be able to communicate using emoji; the fastest growing language. And they (they?) will probably start charging a subscription fee to use it, further casting us impoverished serfs of the tech companies into e-dependency.
Or maybe everything will be fine, and it’s just a bit of a playful gimmick on the part of middle England’s lexicographers.
In this article, John Mcwhorter at Columbia University discusses the future of languages in light of the technological advances of our time. At times, Mcwhorter echoes Graddol in his text The Future of English as well as examining the more recent developments in the relationship between language and technology.
He also favours the use of emoticons for the sake of brevity in conveying point and does not seem offended by their very existence. Once again, let’s hope that language and symbols can continue to coexist, as they have for millennia.