The CELTA Diaries: day 20

The last day of the course was a slight anticlimax. It is amazing to see how far these CPs have progressed and even those who have maintained grades to standard have achieved so much when the progressively intense rigour of the assessments is taken into account.
Maybe it was because my session on CPD and Professionalism went wrong due to it being an Internet based session while there was an Internet outage led me to feeling a bit let down. Maybe it was the hours of reorganising five rooms after the course.
Don’t misread this, I’m thrilled with the excellent results from the course in terms of now being an established centre, my being recommended as an Assistant Course Tutor and the excellent results of the course. I’m probably just a bit tired.
Anyway that concludes the CELTA Diaries series. I’m off for a well-deserved break.
Once I’ve written my 1,500 word evaluation of the course…