The CELTA Diaries: day 18

Preparations for the end of the course saw me preparing report templates and certificates of attendance for the learners this morning while the CPs observed an experienced teacher and the assessor spoke to the main course tutor. I observed the second input session, which was on a subject that’s close to my heart, namely assessment. I found it difficult to keep myself from chipping in with my comments while the tutor was running the session and I felt that this might have been irritating so I recorded the sessions main stages and left.
Teaching Practice in the afternoon was all fairly standard but the CPs seemed upset that they had not performed especially well. This raises the question of the grading, as I am sure that they are very keen to do well, but a pass is a pass and I really feel that it is what they do after the initial teacher training that counts.
That said, I was thrilled to hear that I am to be recommended as an Assistant Course Tutor, so I do empathise with the CPs in their anguish about assessments quite acutely.