The CELTA Diaries: day 17


Today the Cambridge Assessor came to assess me as a Trainer in Training. I had spent a very long time preparing my input session and had harassed my supervisor to check it more times than I care to mention. The upshot was that the Assessor seemed very positive about the session but I’m not sure that my supervisor feels the same about me as a trainee. I was also assessed on my observations of the Teaching Practice as well as my feedback to the CPs. This went well and, fortunately, so did the CPs sessions.
The Assessor looked at my portfolio and seemed to think that I had done an excessive amount of work. I’m pleased about that as it should mean that I am better prepared. This is also thanks to my supervisor being very on the ball with my evidencing the training that I have done. I hope this goes some way towards my graduation as an Assistant Course Tutor but it still seems a little up in the air.
The Assessor is returning tomorrow to assess the course and I’m hoping that it will be a favourable outcome. We have had low numbers in the Pre-intermediate group and this may prove to be a problem for discussion. I’m confident that we can do better with more involved support of the Widening Access team and better integration with the free IELTS classes that I helped to set up. The other hitch is likely to be our resources but this is a matter for the university to address.