The CELTA Diaries: day 16


First day of the last week. Fortunately, the school holidays have begun and my long suffering other is picking up the childcare this week. This means I have even more time to devote to the course and my training. Even after putting in a full Sunday again yesterday, every minute counts on a four week intensive CELTA course. I managed to get in to work early and print more files for my portfolio.
I have now hit the 50% mark with my observations so I had time to get my portfolio as ready as it can be for the assessor’s visit tomorrow.
The second session was portfolio checking and I was able to work with one of two of my assigned students. The other was absent this morning and both the Main Course Tutor and I had forgotten that he has advised us on Thursday about it. I am so stretched that I firmly denied that he had done this when the MCT asked me, which led to some embarrassment for me and stress for the tutor who was going to pick up his teaching in the afternoon, as well as the CP who was collaborating with him in his Teaching Practice.
The Teaching Practice went well this afternoon and I feel that I’m picking up a lot more in my observations. I have to give assessed feedback tomorrow, as well as an assessed input on modal bloody verbs. Been teaching modals for years but this input has caused me some grief as I have to demo a ‘flawless’ session, make it a gramtically worthwhile session for the CPs and inspire then in how to teach modals in their own practice. I should have just followed standard materials and delivered a tested session but I was keen to cut my teeth on this session.