The CELTA Diaries: day 12


I had been warned that the third week is tough and it seems to be playing out exactly as predicted. Two fantastic input sessions in the morning on teaching vocabulary and connected speech respectively. The CPs engaged particularly well with the connected speech lesson and seemed to get a lot out of it.
The Teaching Practice in the afternoon was more problematic. The first observed session saw a CP going well over time on the session, teaching the wrong forms, Teacher Talking off the dial and completely failing to meet the aims. All this in spite of these points for improvement being raised throughout the course.  Thankfully the second CP was above standard so the day wasn’t too glib.
During the feedback session, the CP seemed to have a great many reasons for why the lesson didn’t go to plan but also seemed to take the comments and criticism well. However, this changed when the tutor failed the session and the CP began to protest further. The mind set of this individual seems to be that any exceptions can be made if the right compromise is reached. He spent a good ten minutes this morning trying to convince the tutor to give him his certificate more quickly than Cambridge will issue them. I admire a positive attitude but the problem with this CP is that the attitude is not matched by his performance at the moment. It’s not too late, but with his lack of punctuality, days off, missed sessions to meet other commitments, I fear that this may be the end game.