The CELTA Diaries: day 11


Sorry about the image, I’m very tired…
Having spent roughly six hours yesterday marking assignments, preparing input sessions and writing feedback for Stage 2 tutorials, I slept well last night. I started the day with an observation of a phrasal verbs input session. It was interesting to see the levels of understanding of the CPs as we all use them without thinking but the less gramatically minded CPs seemed to struggle with the form.  One of the CPs has a slight habit of discarding information because she is very bright but she hit an obstacle with separable phrasal verbs and began to engage more with the session when it was information that challenged her. Good.
The second session of the day was given over to the stage two feedback. The CP who had rated himself slightly unrealistically was absent due to an appointment and so the tutorials went very smoothly.
The TP observation in the afternoon was only with one CP and she had a bad day. Due to technical problems outside her control, she was not well prepared for the lesson and the main impacto f this was that her Teacher Talk Time shot back up through the roof. The feedback was very supportive and it was possible to see her confidence rebuilding when she was given very practical advice on drilling. At the end of the day, I stayed on later than the other tutors because there was marking to do for the Focus on the Learner assignments.