The CELTA Diaries: day 10


This morning the CPs observed a senior colleague in the language centre, who was teaching on the Pre-sessional summer course. They found this very useful and so did I as I was able to catch up on work that I had missed during the week.
That doesn’t mean that I don’t have a substantial list of things to do over the weekend, however it afforded me some much needed time with my supervising¬† Main Course Tutor.
After the CPs had returned from their observations, they were taken through the shapes of a lesson i.e. Presentation-Practice-Production, Test-Teach-Test and Task-Based Learning. The CPs, the Tutor and found making the distinction between PPP and TTT somewhat difficult with the materials that had been selected. TBL seems to mean many things to many people and is almost always less precise in its definition. This meant that it was less challenging for the CPs.
After a break, the CPs were given advice on using authentic texts and this session went very well.
The final session involved preparing for tutorials on Monday and a lesson planning workshop. One of the candidates seems to be reaching for the stars in terms of their own self-reflection and this might make for some difficult conversations in the tutorials.