The CELTA Diaries: day 9


Having recovered and returned to work, I was scheduled to deliver my first input session at 9am. I had reviewed my supporting PowerPoint slides and checked the technology and all seemed to be working. This was a concern as I had used embedded sound recordings in my slides and was also using a Google Cardboard virtual reality headset as a demonstration of a new approach to a describing a picture exercise. In spite of all the preparation I over ran the session and the last two, and most crucial activities were hurried. The penultimate task was to elicit types of listening texts and to match an exercise to the texts. I had realised beforehand that this could go wrong, particularly with a group of very tired CPS who had so consistently raided their imaginative storehouses over the last two weeks for their Teaching Practice, that there may not be much left for the input sessions. As a result, I flipped the exercise and gave them the exercises up front. This helped but the exercise needed more time. The final stage was to put the stages of a listening exercise in small groups. I had planned this as pair work but had forgotten that one CP would not be present. It might have been more successful if it had been three pairs instead of two groups as this can cut down on eavesdropping to complete the task. The CPS put the cards with stages of a lesson into their own order and justified their decisions. I think that that although this was a bit hurried, the task worked as one of the CPs picked up on the fact that I was hammering home the pair checking stage and raised it in the feedback session at the end of the day.
I observed a different group in the afternoon. The first CP was fantastic and managed a boisterous group very effectively. The second CP was very unclear in his speaking, most likely due to nerves as he was a bit late to the course and had not had as much experience of teaching as the others. I raised these issues in his feedback sheets but the tutor disagreed with me because his performance was an improvement on his previous Teaching Practice.