The CELTA Diaries: day 6

The first day of the second week ran much more smoothly. Staff and students were able to print and copy, allowing me more time for training. In the first session I remained with my tutor while the ACT taught Speaking Skills. We standardised marking that I had done over the weekend and looked at my Teaching Practice points that I had prepared. We seemed to agree on most points but I am still a little too strict.
The second input session was about observation checklists that the CPs would be using from today onwards. It was interesting to see the focus changing from weeks 1 and 2 to weeks 3 and 4 while they maintained the overarching themes. We also conducted tutorials but in this instance I was a silent observer. One candidate said that she’d learnt more in the last week than in the 3 year degree she had just completed in my department. She did apologise but I was pleased to hear it.
Afternoon Teaching Practice went well with the two observed tutors showing clear signs of improvement. Both still had some areas for improvement but it is clear to see that this course is very effective.