The CELTA Diaries: day 4


Today the course tutors still couldn’t access their systems to log on or print so I had to escalate the problem. It’s amazing what an email from the Dean can do and it finally got sorted out, which means far less running around for me.
The sixth candidate returned to the course and asked if a friend of his could join, so we must have created a good impression. Sadly, at this stage in the course it was too late to take on another person.
The first session was on lesson planning and was useful for me to observe after learning the Trinity Cert. TESOL format. The PGCE PCET format and the Trinity Dip. TESOL format, none of which are the same. The principles are the same and the CPs understood the idea very quickly. In the second input session, I had the chance to teach the IPA but I may have scared some of the candidates a bit.
The observed sessions were a little shaky today with the CPs being very tired and over the exhilaration of getting through the first TP. They were more self critical and chalenged a bit in terms of meeting their lessons’ aims. Tomorrow we have the first External Assessor’s visit…