The CELTA Diaries: day 3

The new candidate was absent today, which meant that we were in doubt as to whether they wished to join the course. I later received an email from them saying that they had been unwell and wished to continue with the course tomorrow.

The first input session that I observed was on contextualising language and there were some technical problems. The tutor felt disappointed by these problems and felt that she had not clarified the session very well but the learning outcomes were met and the CPs understood the concepts that were discussed.

During the second input session I was given the task of preparing the Teaching Points for Teaching Practice on Monday. I found this to be a challenge due to the constraints of working from the textbooks. It has been a while since I have worked so closely with a textbook and wanted to bring in a lot of materials connected to the systems that were scheduled to be taught but was not able to. It was also difficult to write teaching points for another person who has had less experience.

The CPs completed their first observed sessions today and they performed very well, with all three that I observed meeting the standard that is expected. The feedback session also went well and I was more involved in planning for tomorrow’s teaching points. I found it a bit difficult not to get too enthusiastic and dominate the CPs with my ideas.