The CELTA Diaries: day 2

Day two. Before heading off to work, I checked my emails to see that I had been contacted by another potential candidate, who was very keen to join the course. Knowing that the Main Course Tutor has already had to rearrange the Teaching Practice timetable around seven times, in order to accommodate the CPs commitments, I was a little hesitant to bring him in. However, I am extremely fortunate in having recruited an MCT with the patience of a saint and she felt that having six CPs on the course would be beneficial. As such, we arranged to bring in the new candidate and give him a brief interview before joining the group for the day to see if it would work.

During the Systems and Skills input session and the subsequent Focus on the Learner session I completed the observation sheets provided by Cambridge. The Focus on the Learner assignment was issued to the CPs and the short interview tasks that they completed yesterday helped them to make informed decisions on which learners they would focus on. I was surprised to see that the CPs were completely unsupervised during their TP today. I initially thought that the team would be waiting anxiously outside the teaching room in case of any crises but a lot more credit was given to the CPs than I had though. Their reflections on the sessions were positive and it seems to have built their confidence well for tomorrow’s first observed TP.