Enter the neologism: Dictionary.com explain how words become words


Lexicographers are the curators of language and the job requires great  care. Not only do they have to assess the state of new words queueing up to enter the dictionary, glancing down to check that appropriate footwear is being used. (Take the already shitfaced ‘amazeballs’ for example. This neologism suffered from too many pre-drinks bought via fake I.D. provided by its older brother ‘portmanteau’). But also, compilers of dictionaries must ensure that words in the VIP area are treated with respect when updates to their meaning come along. ‘Scroll’, for example, conjures up images of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which pre-date English altogether but is equally at home informing the technolgically fearful but well-off how to use an Apple Bwatch. Anyway, according to dictionary.com, the process of allowing new words follows five steps.

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